Saturday, September 24, 2005

Week 4 Pick-Em Wrap - Almost....

I know there is one more big game this week on Monday night, but here is the Saturday early edition of Mirek's Pick-Em Wrap..... and with a win Monday night, Mr. Herrington will post the first 55 of the year!

Each week gets better and better and the season goes on. What another great fall Saturday of college football in America. There were a bunch of close battles and some major upsets on the grid-iron landscape. It's amazing how much a season hangs on just one win or one loss.

1) Did you see that Minnesota / Purdue game? Wow - how about that Gopher ground attack and Maroney? He is a legitimate Heisman candidate. Minnesota continues to roll over people. Very impressive. Maroney had something like 2 million yards rushing today. Glad I changed my pick before kick-off.

2) I feel good for Joe Pa - he's winning again and with YOUNG players. He' s got a pair of awesome freshmen in King and Williams. Pretty amazing finish to that game in Evanston against the Wildcats in the Kitty Litter Bowl. This one was a lot closer than it had to be, but give credit to Robinson for hanging in there after a real tough first half (4 turnovers). How did he complete that pass to Derrick Williams to seal the deal?

3) Notre Dame struggled early, especially in the kicking game, but then turned it on and pulled away from the Huskies. No big surprise here.

4) Texas Tech beat the mighty Sycamores of Indiana State. This is embarrassing for Texas Tech and the BIG 12. They should not be ranked in the top 25 with their schedule. Holy Cupcake city!

5) Va Tech, Ohio State, Michigan State, Florida, SC, and Vandy all rolled. Nobody is going to beat the Hokies in Lane Stadium this year. Period.

6) What happened to Louisville? They were pasted by South Florida. Holy Cow. Bye Bye birdies. These things aren't supposed to happen. Trickeration! Bye Bye BCS.

7) Patriacca called it: BC over Clemson. Good win for the Eagles on the road in the ACC. They belong.

8) Badgers win. Badgers win. Badgers win. I struggled with this pick because Michigan has won 21 straight conference openers. But, they've lost their last 6 road openers. This was a conference road opener. But, it was against the Badgers in Madison. Barry gets his first win over Lloyd - ever.

9) Alabama won - but struggled at times against the Hogs. This was a bit of a surprise. Hmm.....
Central Florida won; beating Marshall to end its 17 - game slide. Now Army and Rice carry that honor.

10) TCU 51 - BYU 50. Everybody go to church and we'll all feel better. Still, a lot of points. And, Tulane beat SMU. Hurricane Rita reminded us that there are more important things than college football.

Here is my top - 10 (before the Monday Night game):

1) SC
3) Va. Tech
4) LSU
5) Florida
6) Ohio State
7) Florida State
8) Georgia
9) Miami
10) Michigan State

Your Heisman contenders:

Bush, Leinart, Maroney, Young, and Stanton.

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