Saturday, September 10, 2005

Pick Em Week 2 Wrap...

Well lookie there - a 4 way tie at the top between Patriacca, Horton, Mirek, and Frey. Wow, what a game. Looks like a few of us had trouble getting our picks in this week. You snooze you looze! Week 2 of 2005 is going to go down as a CLASSIC weekend of college football. It had it all from match-ups, to upsets, to big-time programs clashing early in the season. I can't remember a better Saturday of games.

1) How about those Irish? Are there any doubters left in America? If so, they probably still think Gore beat Bush. Very impressive. They should jump into the TOP 10 after beating Michigan in the BIG HOUSE. That defense is under-rated. Watch-out SC! That October 15th match-up is looking better and better. It's going to be be harder for ND to live up to those high expectations.

2) So sad - even in victory. Oklahoma does not deserve to be in the TOP 25. The TULSA game was much closer than the final score. Adrian Petersen is amazing, but the Sooners are not. I don't think they had a completion in the 2nd half. Ouch. Bye Bye Oklahoma - make room for somebody else, at leat for now....but Adrian Petersen is the best rusher in the country - bar none. Oklahoma has no passing game. It's all about Adrian. He's a video game highlight machine. Wow - is he human?

3) How 'bout those ILLINI? 2-0 - yes we believe in Ron ZOOK! That was an impressive win at home against San Jose State. The program is on the right track. Next week is going to be tough at CAL. It's a learning process. One game at a time. Go ILLINI!

4) That Beaver / Bronco game was amazing. It looked like Boise State was in control most of the way but the BEAVER nation came through in the 4th quarter, despite the hail at RESER. How far have the Broncos fallen since that Liberty Bowl Classic last year?

5) Chalk this one up as surprising (Georgia over USC by only Two!). What happened to the mighty DAWGS from Gerogia? Answer - they were never so mighty to begin with. The Boise State game was a gift. Georgia will struggle on offense this year with Shockley as QB. He is a great athelete but not a decent QB. Watch-out DAWGS: your days are numbered!

6) What happened to those Hawkeyes? How did they win so convincingly last weekend and get blown out this weekend? Answer - they lost their QB with a concussion in the 1st quarter. Ouch, I had 6 points on the HAWKEYES. They're done for the year in terms of the title race.

7) BYU, Auburn, and BC looked strong today. No surprises there. How about those Tigers from Clemson? They like the close finishes.

8) Texas / BUCKS - instant CLASSIC, enough said. If you missed this game you missed one of the best college games in the last 25 years. It lived up to all of the high expectations - and then some. We need more games like this and fewer cupcakes.

9) Nebraska won today at home - big surpise of the Demon Deacons of WF. Who cares! Same for Oregon over Montana. Come on, play a real team. And get some real unifroms.

10) How about those Tigers of LSU? Good to see that at least for a few hours the Louisiana fathful had something to cheer for. Never say die. Blocked punt - TD. Blocked kick - TD. Even the ASU fans were cheering for the Tigers. It's going to be a slow, long, painful process - but the healing has begun.

And my top 10 after week 2:

1) USC
3) LSU

And my Heisman Hopefuls:

Young, Leinart, Bush, Peterson, and Ginn.

Those who probably lost ground this weekend:

Tate (Iowa) and Hart (Michigan).

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