Saturday, September 24, 2005

Oh those Ducks....Not enough QUACK ATTACK!

They had their quack - on for 2 quarters against the mighty men from Troy. But, the game is 60 minutes which ended up being 25 minutes too long for the Oregon faithul in Eugene. Wow - what a dominant 2nd-half performance on the road. The Trojan March continues - they might just be the best of all time.

What a tale of two halves....SC looked really bad in the first 25 minutes. I've never seen them struggle so much with their offense. How many penalties? How many drops? How many turnovers? Their defense kept them in the game holding the DUCKS to field goals until the Trojan offense got going.

But, give credit to Oregon and the Autzen faithful for a great first half. The crowd was definitely the 12th-man in the first half. The DUCKS had SC up against the ropes, especially in the first quarter but couldn't deliver the knock-out punch. SC hung around until the 2nd-half. The Ducks had their chances - but had to settle for too many field-goal attempts. This just in - SC is good: Bush, White, Leinart, Jarret, Smith, and the gang!

Their last 7 possessions: TD, FG, TD, TD, TD, TD, TD....that's more than Nebaska has scored all year. BUSH is a video - game freak.

Are those niggers playing football? I must be seeing things! Jesus christ!


David Callahan
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