Saturday, September 10, 2005

No cupcake here - ND for real!

Wow - ND is for real. If you saw even a little of the Michigan game today you now realize that the IRISH are back to stay for a while. They should crack the top-10 in the national rankings this week with their win today in Ann Arbor. With the toughest schedule in America again, this is a legit program to be feared by the remaining teams on their schedule.

Michigan really didn't look good today at all. They are definitely not deserving of their gaudy #3 ranking and SHOULD fall outside the top 10 landing somewhere around 12 or 15 in my opinion. They had only a few good offensive plays all game. Their defense didn't play consistently strong either. It's over for Michigan this year. But give credit to that Notre Dame defense. Stout!

NO cupcakes for the god squad from South Bend. Na Na - Na Na Na - Na Na Na Na.......Na Na- Na Na Na- Na Na- Na Na......Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na - Na Na Na Na!

Touchdown Jesus will be very tired at the end of the year. Charlie Weiss is looking like the new mastermind in college football. Good to see the IRISH back on the national scene. Love - em or hate - em, they are good for the game we all love! To quote Brad Nessler with ABC/ESPN - the Irish are starting to look Pretty Darn Good! That October 15th showdown is starting to look a little more interesting right now. Bring on the Trojans of Troy! Gotta love this game. Some where up there John Paul is smiling. Everything is coming up green. And there won't be a sober person in South Bend all weekend. If I only kept my original ND pick this week. I changed mine to UM at 0859 this morning. Ugh! It's been a long time since ND won two big road games like this to start the season (1918 - KNUTE ROCKNE). Wow some history.

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