Tuesday, September 20, 2005

More Bans on Indians....

Looks like right now ILLNIOIS is the big loser on this one. I just want to know how the NCAA defines "hostile" and "abusive". The ban is scheduled to begin next year. There is actually an anti-chief web-site out there. Here is their mission and some insight into their mindset:

UIUC's official mascot and symbol, "Chief Illiniwek" is a racist representation of Native people created by non-Natives for the halftime entertainment and profit of non-Native people. It undermines Native peoples' right to self-determination by appropriating sacred aspects of Native political and religious culture. The "Chief's" performance is just as offensive to Native Americans as the Little Black Sambo and Amos & Andy stereotypes are to African American people. By mocking Native culture, the UI sets a dangerous precedent for racist representation of all other social and ethnic groups targeted for oppression
After 16 years of organizing efforts to eliminate "Chief Illiniwek," the University of Illinois Board of Trustees has yet to take decisive action to remove this stereotype of Native peoples from our campus and community.
However, as a result of YOUR efforts to educate the public about this issue and advocate for the "Chief's" removal, many members of the Board are now talking about "when" (not "if") the "Chief" will be eliminated.

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