Saturday, September 17, 2005

Mirek's Week 3 Pick - EM Wrap - Wild!

What another great weekend in college football. The best game had to be ND and Michigan State. Sure the Irish lost, but this will go down as another classic. If you watched just one game, this weekend this should have been it.

Congratulations to Mr. Freddy (DUCKSNATCHAMP). That was impressive going 9 for 10 and only losing 6 points on the AF game. That easily could have gone the Falcons way and we would be talking the first 55 of the year.

Down 21 points late in the 3rd period, the IRISH rallied to tie and then lead by 3 points in OT only to lose on a TD romp for the ages to end the game. The IRISH really should have won this game. They outgained MSU by quite a healthy margin. I think QUINN passed for almost 500 yards. But, in the end, the IRISH had too many turnovers, penalties, questionable calls, and defenseive miscue at critical times to break through for the win. 1st time since 1887 where they scored 40+ points and lost. ND still should be ranked in the top 20 after this week, in my opinion. But give credit to those Spartans - 5 in a row in South Bend. This is getting to be a trend. IRISH over Wolverines and Spartans over IRISH.

Sure, there were several blowouts this weekend. Iowa, Penn State, Alabama, VA TECH, Georgia, TEXAS, TEXAS A&M, Louisville, Michigan, Texas Tech, USC, and even Indian all had blow-out wins over mostly cupcakes (tomato cans). The Red Raiders scored 80 points against Sam Houston State. Who cares. We hate the cupcake games.

Then there were the good games: Oregon squeaking past Fresno State. Virginia over Syracuse, BC and FSU. Florida over Tennessee. Wyoming over Air Force. Miami over Clemson in Death Valley in 3 OT's. Awesome. Just amazing! I love this game.

What about Oklahoma? How far have they fallen? Their young QB has a long way to go. They do have a running game with Petersen, but that's about it. It's going to be a long - year in Norman. Rebulding? Can you say reconstruction? Haven't seen this type of project since the civil war ended. Ouch!

Vandy is 3-0. Yes, Vanderbilt is 3-0 in the SEC and atop the lead. Wow! Who figured that?

Next week: USC at OREGON? Uh-Oh! Upset alert or another SC blow-out? Right now, I like the Trojans. We'll see.

PICK-EM is a mess at the top. Instead of separation, we have grid-lock at the top. Yuck! What a mess....I LOVE IT!

How about those ILLINI? They were up 17-7 at the half and 17-14 early in the 4th quarter before losing 35-20 to those mightly CAL BEARS in Strawberry Canyon. This was shaping up for the biggest upset of the day (#63 over a #15). Keith Jackson actually made reference to it late in the UCLA / SOONER game. Wehad them on the ropes. But CAL rallied in the 4th for the win. The are loaded and deep.

I'm proud of those ILLINI. Sure, we probably should have won this game, but we were also out-coached by Tedford in the 2nd - half. CAL made the plays in the 2nd - half and we didn't. That's why they play 60 minutes. The BEARS made the right adjustments and had the punt-return spark. We didn't. Next week we're at home hosting Michigan State. We can compete with anybody. We're not as far away as most think.

Nobody could beat the sunshine teams today: FSU, MIAMI, and FLORIDA all won their respective games.

Here's my TOP 10:

1) USC
3) LSU

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