Monday, September 05, 2005

Miami has an offense....FSU does NOT!

Well, I've been watching the Canes and Noles for a few hours now. I fully expected it to be a defensive battle - both teams have awesome defenses. Clearly, Miami struggled at times with its new QB Wright. But, FSU has no offense. They cannot move the ball. I cite a 1st and goal at the 3 - yard line after blocking a Miami punt. FSU even missed the field - goal. Yikes.

Wright to Olsen. Wright to Olsen. Wright to Olsen. Miami at least has a QB for the future and an offense to contend in the ACC. He threw for over 200 yards against most probably the best defense in college football at FSU. Mickey Andrews has assembled quite an ensemble yet again. FSU had 9 sacks against Miami - and still barely held on to win 10-7 .

It's going to be a long year in Tallahassee for Bobby Bowden - and I blame him fully as the head coach. He stuck with Chris Rix for 4 years and now has another 'gem' in Weatherford. FSU has awesome atheletic talent (Xavier Lee, as an example), but they don't have a cohesive offense to move the ball. If you can stuff the run you can beat FSU if you don't turn it over. Is it time for Bowden to move on?

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