Saturday, September 03, 2005

ILLINOIS over the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers!

#86 beats #69. Rutgers was favored even though they were on the road. What an awesome game! We now believe. Thank you for coming to Champaign - Urbana, Ron. It would have been so easy to fold - up camp and mail-in the game mid-way through the 3rd quarter, down 27-7 at HOME. But the Fighting Illini didn't. Instead - they fought back in one of our greatest comebacks (and much needed) in history.

This is a young Illini team. We made plenty of mistakes today (3 turnovers in the first half alone). Our defense gave up a ton of yards (against a very good offense in Rutgers). But in the end we made the plays when we needed to down the stretch and that was the difference. We believe!

QB Tim Brasic has to be the MVP of the game. He ran for almost 100 yards and passed for over 200 yards. Don't get me wrong; there is plenty to improve upon as the season goes along. But for now - that was exactly the right medicince at the right time. The Zook era has begun at ILLINOIS. Give credit to Rugers. They are a good team and should have some big wins this year with that offense. Leonard is amazing. So his their QB Hart. But in Champaign.....We believe!

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