Sunday, September 18, 2005

GameDay Final - ESPN

A bunch of teams unleashed their offenses on tomato cans (cupcakes) this past Saturday. Then again, there were a few competitive games. I like the number #146,933 - the combined attendance in LA on a beautiful fall saturday afternoon. Not bad when you consider that UCLA was playing a weak Oklahoma squad and USC was taking on the HOGS.

Looks like the highlight game for WEEK#4 is going to be SC and Oregon. Iowa goes to the BIG HorseShoe to play Ohio State. BC goes to Death Valley to take on Clemson. Notre Dame travels to Seattle to play Ty Willingham's Huskies. Tennessee marches into the bayou to take on the LSU TIGERS. And, Michigan State invades Champaign to play the ILLINI.

But the upset of the weekend goes to UC DAVIS (DIV II) over Stanford on their home turf.

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