Saturday, September 10, 2005

Fighting ILLINI now 2-0!

And a long way to go. But, the ILLINI are now on the comeback trail this year after beating San Jose State in convincing fashion today on Zupke Field at Memorial Stadium in Champaign, IL. We were supposed to win big and we did. San Jose State only had 17 yards rushing on 25 carries - that's good news for the ILLINOIS defense. The bad news is that they gave up 214 yards passing against a weak San Jose State team. But they do run the spread offense.

Our balanced offensive attack continued with 244 yards rushing and 246 yards passing for almost 500 yards. With 29 first downs we really controlled the clock, the line of scrimmage, and the game. More of the same is in order against CAL in Berkeley next week. That is going to be a tough tough trip especially with CAL rolling today in Seattle. They look good this year under Tedford's leadership. Ayoob, Lynch, and Jordan are an offensive powerhouse.

But for now, we're ranked up 7 more spots to #63 in the country. CAL is good. But this could be a close game if the team doesn't loose composure during the first bad break that doesn't go our way. CAL is beatable - defense not so great. Their offense is powerful but can make the big mistake now and then. We'll see how healthy they are going into the next game.

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