Thursday, March 17, 2005

Round 1 is over: U of I over FDU....

Well - it wasn't pretty. Our defense let us down in the first half as the Knights of FDU lit it up for 31 points and 50% shooting. Was a different story in the 2nd half when they scored only 24 points ending up at 38% for the game.

On the other side of the coin, our shooting continues to be mediocre at best. We didn't shoot the rock well in Chicago last weekend and continue to struggle at times so far in the Tourney.

I did see a few positive signs:

1) We didn't turn the ball over that much tonight.
2) Dee Brown broke out with 19 points, including a few key 3 pointers.
3) Augustine went for a double double and led the day today with 15 rebounds.
4) Our defense was strong in the 2nd half.

Going forward, we need to put it all together for 40 minutes of play. We might beat Nevada if we just show up for one half or the other, but we won't get past the regional semi-finals (Sweet 16) unless we improve on shooting the rock. It's been 6 games since we shot over 50% for the game. On to round two where the Wolfpack of Nevada await.

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