Saturday, March 26, 2005

Never day Die!

With 4 minutes to go and down 75 - was all but over except for the sheer determination to win by the Illini starters. They were not going to lose in Chicago for Bruce. It wasn't in the cards. No matter what happens in St. Louis next weekend; this was something very special. It's a shame Arizona has to go home after this one. They are a great team of athletic warriors. But, it's one and done in the NCAA Tourney. March Madness was defined tonight on the hardwood in Rosemont (about 10 minutes from where I grew up my first 23 years of life). On a windy day I could spit on the Horizon (Allstate Arena) from my house in Mt. Prospect. But that is another story.

What a game. Back and forth. Two golliaths going after it. There was no David on the court tonight. Illinois should have had a bigger halftime lead than two points. Arizona should have won it in the 2nd half with their inside play. We were soft. They were scoring at will against us down low in the post. Salim only was 2-13 and 1-7 from deep. Wow, what a game!

The March to the Arch continues next week. Keep the bus warm; we're going to St. Louis to face Louisville in the National Semi-Final game. Anything can happen and most likely will.

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