Saturday, February 19, 2005

Make that 27 and Zero....

And 36 consecutive regular season victories. And 23 conference victories. And now we're tied in 3rd place all time in the Big - Ten with Ohio State for best starts in conference history. We still have a few more to go to catch those great Indiana teams of yester-year. But it's looking good.

Today was a great road challenge in Iowa City. Those scrappy Hawkeyes really know how to hang close. I expected a tight defensive struggle and that's really what it turned out to be. Neither team shot very well and there were many turnovers on both sides of the ball. But in the end it was the experience, the leadership, and the defense of Illinois which put the clamps on and never looked back. Luther didn't have a great game, but Deron Williams did. And there was no hot water at their hotel this morning when they got out of bed. Brutal! But this year's team does not give up no matter what.

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