Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Close 1 in Ann Arbor.....24 and 0!

And then there was one; as in #1 - solo, single, by itself at the top. The road isn't easy, but great times find a way to win in hostile environs. That's exactly what the #1 team in America did tonight in Ann Arbor against those pesty Wolverines of Michigan. What a game.

Dee Brown stepped up tonight (along with Luther Head). But Dee was the story on both sides of the ball. There was a 5 minute spurt in the 2nd half where he was intercepting just about every Michigan pass for a lay-up going the other way. That man can flat out fly. Wait - there he goes again.

The team is clearly tired after 3 tough road weeks (at Madison, at East Lansing, and at Ann Arbor). Can you say 3 for 3? We need some time off to rest the jets before taking on Wisconsin at home on Saturday (on Lincoln's birthday).

Not sure how much longer the streak will last; but it's been fun so far. The March to the Arch returns to Champaign on Saturday. 15 more to go.

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