Saturday, February 12, 2005

25 - 0! Not bad; not great!

Still room to improve even after beating Wisconsin today for the 2nd team this year. It was good - but not great. Nothing special. We still have room to grow especially on defensive scoring down low and in bench scoring. Can't always rely on big games and the 3-ball from deep. Haven't shown that 'swagger' since the big road win at Michigan State.

It was our 25th straight win which tied a recording dating back to 1916. Sure, we've won 19 in a row at home which is good.

Right now LUTHER HEAD is carrying this team. Sure, we're getting strong play from Brown, Augustine, and Williams but they'll need to stop it up come tourney time if we're hoping to go deeper than the SWEET 16. It think the potential is there. We also need more consistent bench scooring from Smith, McBride, Ingram, and company. The minister (Roger Powell Jr.) needs to make sure he stays out of foul trouble so he can contribute at both ends of the floor. He is a big presence down low and plays much larger than 6'6".

But for now things are good in Champaign. I do see some storm clouds on the Horizon. But I like our changes given the remaining schedule and the NCAA Tourney structure which has a favorable travel schedule.

In order for the March to the Arch to make it from Chicago to St. Louis we'll need to fix a few things over the next 4 weeks. Field goal percentage is one (needs a quck 10% pop). And bench scoring and overrall productivity is another. Get those two to come around and there's no stopping the Stylin' Illini in 2005!. Oskee Wa Wa! Go Krush!

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