Sunday, January 02, 2005

What I'm Eagerly Awaiting in 2K5...

Here are just some of my 'can't wait' topics for the off-season and next season; not in any order:

1) Will the BCS finally fix itself? They meet in a few weeks for another round of discussions. I'm hoping for an 8-team system / play-off where those schools are the automatic bids to the 4 major bowls. Enough of the conference alliances already. But - I doubt anything will happen. They've made some major tweaks to the system of the past few years. Plus - they're all very happy with the way things worked out with Texas this year.

2) The BIG - 10 rebounds next year. Not only because Illinois will have at least 5 wins and might even make itself bowl eligible with 6, but look for Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Iowa, and maybe even Penn State to be strong. What, Penn State? Yes - the mightly Lions might finally roar next season - or at least prrrrr!

3) What will happen to schools like Stanford, Washington, Georgia, Miami, Florida, Oklahoma, VT, and others will some major off-season changes and graduations looming large? Look for the Gators to make an SEC title run next fall under Urban Meyer.

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