Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Sugar and Orange Wraps...

Looks like the Trojans will be your national champs - pretty safe call even at halftime given the score after the first half. Wow, what a dominating performance on such a big stage. To be honest, this is kind of what I expected from them against Oklahoma. The Trojans have more talent and athletes at just about every position on the field. But their greatest strength probably lies in their coaches. What a complete system.

XBOX was right - I had a feeling SC would own this game but not like this at halftime. It's their year. Something about destiny. It was on their side.

This one was over when SC shanked a punt and Oklahoma muffed the return deep in their own territory. That was not a good decision. SC scored a TD on the very next play and big MO was on their side for the rest of the way. Leinart and Company make it look so easy.

The Sugar was a great game. For a while there it looked like VT would catch the mighty Auburn Tigers. Too many missed opportunities for the Hokies in the first half. They just didn't make the necessary plays to win.

Auburn is a great team and they proved it throughout the season. Same for Utah for that matter. Too bad only 1 team can be the national champs. Maybe in the near future the BCS will get it right. Looks like they will be making more tweaks in the off-season for next year. A true work in progress.

Congrats to Mr. Freiley - a very dominating performance in his own right. Very impressive. He should finish in the top 50 or so nation-wide. That's amazing. Thanks for playing and see you next year.

Final note - SC is very young. Most of the team on both sides of the ball comes back next year including White, Bush, Smith, Jarret, and most likely Leinart for his senior season. Look out PAC - 10 and the country!

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