Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Well, that was all of a game and then some. Rarely do big matchups tun out to be as good in reality. This was a classic that lived up to all expections. And, we won too.

But, I've said it before and I'll say it again - it's not what you do in January that matters as much as what you do in February. Then comes March and April. That's what's so great about college b-ball, every game gets more and more important than the last. Bring on the Gophers. We get the Spartans next Tuesday in East Lansing. Does it get any better than this?

Here' s my technical summary:
1) We won the battle at the stripe. They didn't shoot well from the charity line. Might have been the difference in the game right there. Pretty amazing when you consider the crowd noise and the back-drops.

2) We had great ball movement tonight on offense. Everybody was moving and cutting without the ball. That's a good sign. Lots of motion creates easy opportunities and we took advantage down the stretch.

3) Who's more clutch than Luther Head? Hard to answer that question. But right now he is carrying the team. Sure Powell, Augustine, and Williams had good games (not great games). But Luther is proclaiming his arrival on the seen in Champaign.

4) Who's smoother with the ball than Deron Williams? He looks good going inside, outside, left, or right. He has a great jump shot from just inside the arc. He'll have to heat up and stay hot in the tourney for us to have a legitimate shot at the title.

5) Then there is the emotional team leader; speedy Gonzales himself - Dee Brown. Is there a faster man on the hardwood today; college or pro? I think NOT.

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