Friday, December 31, 2004

Peach Bowl Wrap...

Miami won - who cares! Looks like we're taking Freiley to lunch (barring a major collapse).

This game was another lost opportunity, at least for me since nobody else had Florida beating Miami. After forcing a quick 3 and out on Miami's first possession, Florida missed a golden opportunity to go up 7-0 on their first play from schrimmage by not hitting the deep ball to a wide open WR in the flat. That was essentially the ballgame and the difference maker.

Otherwise, Florida matched Miami on offense and defense. Special teams was the difference here with blocked kicks and punt returns for TD's. I'll be glad when Hester and Parrish move on to the pros. Those guys are playmakers, and you can't coach that! Berlin is now 5-0 against the Gators and Noles, combined. Ouch!

Florida actually had more total yards, more passing yards, more rushing yards, and more time of possession. Go figure.....Ugh!

Steve, How could you concede. It is by no means over. There are still plenty of points out there to be had, plus I picked Iowa over LSU for 24 points. The more I think about it, the worse I am starting to worry about it. But hey, if you want to take me out to lunch, I won't stop you. Doug
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