Thursday, December 16, 2004

New Orleans Bowl Recap...

That was an ugly football game. I should have put more points on the Eagles of Southern Miss. Sorry Oliver - don't listen to me when it comes to confidence points. You should have stuck with your gut.

About the game; Southern Miss brough the 'D' early and often. It wasn't much of a competition. They held Jamario Thomas well below his season average. The 2nd bowl game played in the Big Easy should be much more competitive (Va. Tech and Auburn).

Scarvie is off and running. The rest of us will be playing catch-up. Bring on round 2. Can't wait for Georgia Tech and Syracuse.

On a different note, tell me that the PAC - 10 isn't the strongest coaching conference: Willingham, Stoops, Belotti, Tedford, Harris, and Carrol to name a few.

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