Wednesday, December 29, 2004

EV1 NET Houston Wrap....

I'm still not sure how the Buffaloes won this game but I'll take it. It was frustrating to watch them try to kick field goals all afternoon. When I left, it was 21-19, UTEP. The next thing I know it's 33 - 28 Colorado. What a game! Big 12 is 2-0 to date. This was a good game. UTEP can play on both sides of the ball, but they haven't won a bowl game since 1967. Colorado is trying to build its program for next year.

Looks like Mr. Horton is starting to make his move. He definitely wants Oklahoma State to win. We'll see if that lasts. Freiley is still in first for now.

Finally, I have to say that I'm rooting for Trecker right now. He's a perfect 0-11. What are the odds? Come on Husker Nation, 17 more to go. Will you score?

Unfortunately the only way HuskerNation will score is by some kind of miracle. Poor Trecker, he didn't even make any picks for his squad this year. :(
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